Bach For Piano

23 Oct 2015

Barcode: 0825646019946

Baroque masterpieces in modern dress: J.S. Bach and his contemporaries loved to arrange their own as well as others’ works for different instruments; in the 19th century, the golden age of keyboard virtuosos like Franz Liszt or Ferruccio Busoni, the piano was the instrument of choice. These skilful piano transcriptions show us Bach’s familiar choral and instrumental works in a completely new light!

Audio sample & Tracklisting

Disc 1 
02 Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (Transcr.: Ferruccio Busoni), BWV 61  - Alexis Weissenberg 
03 Nun freut euch, liebe Christen g'mein (Transcr.: Ferruccio Busoni), BWV 734  - Alexis Weissenberg 
04 Flötensonate Nr. 2 E-Flat Major: Siciliano G Minor (Transcr.: Louis Lüstner), BWV 1031  - Alexis Weissenberg 
07 Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (Transcr.: Ferruccio Busoni), BWV 639  - Alexis Weissenberg 
09 Toccata & Fuge D Minor: Toccata (Transcr.: Ferruccio Busoni), BWV 565  - Alexis Weissenberg 
10 Toccata & Fuge D Minor: Fuge (Transcr.: Ferruccio Busoni), BWV 565  - Alexis Weissenberg 
11 Notenbüchlein für Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Prelude B Minor (Transcr.: Alexander Siloti), BWV 855a  - Alexis Weissenberg 
12 Chromatische Fantasie & Fuge: I. Fantasie, BWV 903  - Alexis Weissenberg 
13 Chromatische Fantasie & Fuge: II: Fuge, BWV 903  - Alexis Weissenberg 

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