19 May 2017

Barcode: 0190295793173

'The process of creation is, for me, purely emotional. Sometimes it’s surprising how much can be created by listening, not thinking. Real music does not have to come from struggle, but it certainly comes from experience, awareness and feeling. I was in a very bad place when Drive came along. It’s as if this music was made to help me survive, help me get up and not forget what my goal is and always has been: playing and sharing through my piano. I went to the piano that day, after feeling extremely down for weeks, maybe months – trapped in a haze where hope seemed far away and everything felt plain and empty. I remember putting my hands on the piano and trying to get something out of it; at first it would not talk to me.

Then it came to me, just when I least expected it. I started playing this melody with my right hand, using all five fingers; it was obsessive, haunting, rhythmic – it had to be reminded to move on to the next wave of sound. Composing for me has never been about sitting down and writing a piece of music; it is always like creating a new life, a story. The beginning of this insistent melody resonated in my body and ears like an alarm clock going off inside me. I focused on this music obsessively, and over time it drove away the depression.

I got out of tune. Drive tuned me back in. When I play this piece I feel invincible, outside of this world; I get driven to some safe place, where hope, beauty, compassion and drive are the main forces in life.' RIOPY