Monteverdi - 3x Poppea

5 May 2017

Barcode: 0880242563187

Composer: Claudio Monteverdi
Other participants: Alessandro de Marchi,
Orchestra of the Norwegian National Opera

The story of the marriage of the Emperor Nero and Poppea still brings a chill to audiences today, portraying as it does the cruel lust for power and passion at the court of the Roman ruler. In the end, all succumb to the elemental force of a totally amoral idea of 'love'.

DVD 1 Norwegian National Opera:
Stage Director Ole Anders Tandberg, a leading light of contemporary Scandinavian theatre, emphasizes the immediacy of the lurid, dramatic plot. This radical approach, combined with the emotional impact of Monteverdi’s music, enables this seventeenth century masterpiece to make a direct appeal to contemporary audiences.

DVD 2 Schwetzinger SWR Festival:
This performance of Poppea, faithful to the original, is musically arranged and conducted by René Jacobs, one of the worlds leading Baroque specialists.

DVD 3 Theaterhaus Stuttgart:
Christian Spuck has created a compelling piece of experimental choreography from this remarkable opera plot, producing a ballet which incorporates film and spoken elements.