Monteverdi - 3x Poppea

5 May 2017

Barcode: 0880242563187

Composer: Claudio Monteverdi
Other participants: Alessandro de Marchi, Orchestra of the Norwegian National Opera

Norwegian National Opera – Staged by Ole Anders Tandberg:
The Coronation of Poppea
The performance portrays the decadence of the late Roman Empire – with obvious parallels to our own times. It marked Ole Anders Tandberg’s debut with the Norwegian Opera & Ballet, and he certainly let the blood flow.
“As with the visuals, voices and orchestra are recorded closely — Monteverdi as in-your-face music drama. Show it or give it to someone who thinks Baroque opera is boring.” Mark Mandel, Opera News

Schwetzinger Festspiele 1993 – Staged by Michael Hampe: Poppea
This performance, faithful to the original, is musically arranged and conducted by René Jacobs, one of the world’s leading Baroque specialists.
With Patricia Schumann - Richard Croft - Kathleen Kuhlmann - Harry Peeters
With the emphasis on the text, conductor René Jacobs depends upon an excellent cast to bring the production to live. Patricia Schumann dominates the stage, an effective counterpart to Richard Croft's Nero. Gary S. Dalki

Theaterhaus Stuttgart – Gauthier Dance - Choreography by Christian Spuck: POPPEA//POPPEA
For the ballet "POPPEA // POPPEA", Martin Donner uses Monteverdi's compositions, which are scratched, cut up, and mixed by a DJ, giving the performance a very futuristic ambience. Emma Ryott's costumes reflect the various characters and each character develops their own individual dance gestures which run through the story like leitmotifs.Magazine "Dance Europe" declared "POPPEA // POPPEA" one of the ten most successful dance productions of 2010, and it won German theatre prize DER FAUST in 2011. Christian Spuck also won Best Choreographer at the 2012 Danza&Danza Awards for this production.