Devieilhe, Sabine


10 Nov 2017

Barcode: 0190295767723

Composer: Delibes, Debussy, Stravinsky
Other participants: Alexandre Tharaud, Les Siècles, François-Xavier Roth

Soprano Sabine Devieilhe’s signature operatic role, Lakmé, forms the starting point for her enticing album Mirages. A collection of opera and song in French, its theme is the exotic allure of faraway – and imagined – places and people. In addition to three numbers from Delibes’ opera, it features music by Berlioz, Debussy and Stravinsky and some rarer names: Thomas, Messager, Koechlin and Delage. Devieilhe is joined by mezzo-soprano Marianne Crebassa, pianist Alexandre Tharaud and the period-instrument orchestra Les Siècles under its founder, François-Xavier Roth.

"Sabine Devieilhe cements her reputation as one of the most exciting sopranos on the scene with this disc...Lakmé is her favourite operatic role, and the greatest hits of Delibes’ opera get luxuriously good performances here. Devieilhe is mesmerising, sounding deliciously clear and radiant, and sings with a sensuality that seems absolutely innate." -The Guardian


Disc 1 
01 Messager: Madame Chrysanthème, Act 3: "Le jour sous le soleil béni" (Madame Chrysanthème)  - Sabine Devieilhe 
02 Debussy: Pelléas et Mélisande, L. 88, Act 3: "Mes longs cheveux descendent" (Mélisande)  - Sabine Devieilhe 
03 Delibes: Lakmé, Act 2: "Où va la jeune hindoue" (Lakmé)  - Sabine Devieilhe 
04 Delage: 4 poèmes hindous: I. Madras  - Sabine Devieilhe 
05 Delage: 4 poèmes hindous: II. Lahore  - Sabine Devieilhe 
06 Delage: 4 poèmes hindous: III. Bénarès  - Sabine Devieilhe 
07 Delage: 4 poèmes hindous: IV. Jeypur  - Sabine Devieilhe 
08 Debussy: La Romance d'Ariel, L. 54  - Sabine Devieilhe 
09 Delibes: Lakmé, Act 1: "Viens, Mallika" (Lakmé, Mallika)  - Sabine Devieilhe 
10 Stravinsky: Le Rossignol, Act 2: "Ah, joie, emplis mon coeur" (Le Rossignol)  - Sabine Devieilhe 
11 Thomas: Hamlet, Act 4: "À vos jeux, mes amis" (Ophélie)  - Sabine Devieilhe 
12 Berlioz: La mort d'Ophélie, H. 92  - Sabine Devieilhe 
13 Massenet: Thaïs, Act 2: "Celle qui vient est plus belle" (La charmeuse, Crobyle, Myrtale)  - Sabine Devieilhe 
14 Koechlin: Shéhérazade, Op. 84, Book 2: II. Le voyage  - Sabine Devieilhe 
15 Delibes: Lakmé, Act 3: "Tu m'as donné le plus doux rêve" (Lakmé)  - Sabine Devieilhe 

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