Pluhar, Christina

Orfeo Chaman

7 Oct 2016

Barcode: 0190295969691

Other participants: Christina Pluhar / L’Arpeggiata · Nahuel Pennisi · Luciana Mancini · Vincenzo Capezzuto · Emiliano Gonzalez Toro

A unique retelling of the Orpheus myth drawing on Baroque music and folksongs from South America to Sicily, with a real-life Orfeo – the blind Argentinean singer-guitarist Nahuel Pennisi – in the title role. The resulting opera composed and arranged by Christina Pluhar reveals the mysterious shamanic side of the legendary musician who ventures into the underworld for love. The album is accompanied by a bonus DVD: the complete filmed performance of the vibrantly staged opera at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Bogotá, Colombia.

Audio sample & Tracklisting

Disc 1 
01 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Prologue: La selva (Butes)  - Christina Pluhar 
02 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 1: "O eterno" (Orfeo)  - Christina Pluhar 
03 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 2: Passacaglia di Eurídice  - Christina Pluhar 
04 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 2: "Habrá una ninfa" (Nahual)  - Christina Pluhar 
05 Aznar / Arr Pennisi: Orfeo Chamán, Act 2: Romance de la luna tucumana (Eurídice, Orfeo)  - Christina Pluhar 
06 Traditional: Orfeo Chamán, Act 2: "Pajarillo" (Eurídice)  - Christina Pluhar 
07 Traditional: Orfeo Chamán, Act 2: "Zumba che zumba"  - Christina Pluhar 
08 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 2: "Aristeo intentó" (Nahual)  - Christina Pluhar 
09 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 2: "Cubrámonos con cenizas" (Orfeo, Nahual, Aristeo)  - Christina Pluhar 
10 Pederzuoli: Orfeo Chamán, Act 3: Sinfonia  - Christina Pluhar 
11 Ritter / Arr Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 3: "Cirene, madre"  - Christina Pluhar 
12 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 4: "Esta barca" (Nahual, Orfeo)  - Christina Pluhar 
13 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 4: "Si me escuchara" (Orfeo)  - Christina Pluhar 
14 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 4: "Sigue bbiendo" (Nahual, Orfeo)  - Christina Pluhar 
15 Traditional / Arr Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 4: Aparición de Eurídice (Nahual, Eurídice, Orfeo)  - Christina Pluhar 
16 Díaz / Arr Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 4: Lamento de Orfeo (Orfeo)  - Christina Pluhar 
17 Traditional: Orfeo Chamán, Act 5: Bucimis (Dance of the Bacchantes)  - Christina Pluhar 
18 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, Act 5: La cabeza de Orfeo (Orfeo, Aristeo)  - Christina Pluhar 
Disc 2 
01 Pluhar: Orfeo Chamán, A film by Sonia Paramo  - Christina Pluhar 

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