November 25, 2016

Alexandre Tharaud curates all-Rachmaninov weekend at the Philharmonie de Paris

Seven concerts in this two-day festival celebrating the release of the album 'Tharaud Plays Rachmaninov'.

Alexandre Tharaud recorded Rachmaninov's famed Second Piano Concerto in Liverpool, with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. This weekend, the French pianist reuintes with the same orchestra for a hotly anticipated (and sold out) 'Rach 2', this time in Tharaud's hometown, envelopped in the astounding acoustics of the Philharmonie de Paris.

It's just one of seven concerts for which Tharaud has been given carte blanche this weekend to explore the music of Rachmaninov in his different guises. Like the new album, Tharaud Plays Rachmaninov, the Philharmonie de Paris presents not only the blockbuster of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.2, but also solo and chamber works, vocal music and pieces for piano six-hands.

Alexandre Tharaud's Rachmaninov Weekend is at the Philharmonie de Paris November 26-27. The album Tharaud Plays Rachmaninov is out now on online platforms, CD and vinyl.