Cologne Collection

Franz Léhar: Friederike

2CD / Brilliant Box
3 Feb 2014

Barcode: 5054196055127

Composer: Franz Léhar
Other participants: Helen Donath, Adolf Dallapozza, Martin Finke, Gabriele Fuchs, Maria Stadler, Gustl Datz, Harry Kalenberg, Christian Wolff, Jürgen von Pawels u.a., Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Münchner Rundfunkorchester, Heinz Wallberg

It's one of the best-known love stories in the history of German literature: the brief but intense affair between the young Goethe and the 17-year-old Friederike Brion, daughter of a Strasbourg parish priest. Germany's national poet as an operetta tenor? Conservative thinkers were horrified, but Léhar's sensitive singspiel – a genre that Goethe himself was fond of – avoids the crowing gestures typical of operetta and combines a copy of a historic style with simple songs and carefully nuanced instrumentation. So much so that even the sceptics came around… In the 1981 first recording Adolf Dallapozza as a passionate Goethe and Helen Donath, touching as Friederike, "bring out all the richness and variety of the score".