Mehta, Zubin

Zubin Mehta & Los Angeles Philharmonic

24 May 2019

Barcode: 880242722485

Composer: Antonín Dvorák

• Re-release of the successful DVD • Zubin Mehta, at the age of 26, was the youngest ever conductor to head a major American orchestra. Truly ingenious, he led them to international acclaim. • This DVD was recorded at the height of this collaboration, and beautifully portrays an emerging star. In his youth, Mehta is already so much more than a conductor. His profound connection with the orchestra leads to a unity of sound which is rare in today’s jet-set reality. • He understands to stretch the orchestra technically because he knows it inside out. In turn, the orchestra inspires Mehta. In their joyful collaboration, hidden musical meanings emerge. • Mehta shows his versatility in his interpretations of great works from the 18th, 19th and 20th century. “What we saw in this unknown young man of twenty-five was the kind of magic that separates the merely talented artists from the exceptionally, exceedingly talented. The moment we first talked to him about his work and his whole approach to music, we knew that here was not only a musical intelligence of almost genius comprehension, but also an exceptional human being radiating such vitality, honesty and charisma that we couldn’t help but be drawn to him.” Olive Behrendt (Member of the LA Philharmonic’s Executive Committee) “…you develop such empathy that all the hidden meanings, the little things between the lines of a score, can be brought out and music making becomes a joy.” Zubin Mehta