Debicz, Aleksander

Bach Stories

5 May 2017

Barcode: 0190295840150

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Other participants: Marcin Zdunik

Bach Stories explores a new way of thinking about classical music and improvisation; it presents historical music practice in a contemporary form. This double album from Warner Classics bears the fruits of a friendship and collaboration between two young but already much-awarded musicians. Aleksander Dębicz (piano) and Marcin Zdunik (cello) combine virtuosity and musical drama with the sheer joy and freshness of music-making in a unique programme of chamber works by J.S. Bach and improvisations inspired by those works.

These improvisations – in a classical style rather than jazz – create a bridge between two periods, bringing Bach’s music closer to the modern ear by using new means of expression. The Stories evoked in the title could be a simple idea, a fleeting memory or a labyrinthine drama. 'Bach’s music stirred and inspired our imagination, evoking both simple associations and complex narrative scheme', explain the musicians.