Debussy "La Mer"

9 Mar 2018

Barcode: 0880242644381

Composer: Claude Debussy
Other participants: Claudio Abbado, Daniel Barenboim, Eugene Ormandy, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Lucerne Festival Orchestra

3 legendary performances | 3 legendary conductors | 3 different approaches to this masterpiece

Claude Debussy’s most famous work La Mer can be considered closely aligned to symbolist concepts – the programmatic nature of this piece made it a pioneering work of musical impressionism.

Claudio Abbado | Lucerne Festival Orchestra (2003)
Daniel Barenboim | The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (2000)
Eugene Ormandy | The Philadelphia Orchestra (1977)
Documentary: "Discovering La Mer", directed by Angelika Stiehler
Claude Debussy: La Mer

"Music Cannot Be Learned"
A Film by Georges Gachot
The fascinating documentary gives deep insights into the life and work of Claude Debussy based on the reports by those who encountered the great composer. Including Debussy’s “Childrens Corner” performed by Zoltán Kocsis, 1991.