Callas, Maria

Maria Callas 2014 - Recital: Verdi Arias #1 [1958]

22 Sep 2014

Barcode: 0825646340156

Other participants: Philharmonia Orchestra, Nicola Rescigno

This recital brings together three operas from the earlier years of Verdi’s career (Nabucco, Ernani and Macbeth) and one of his greatest mature masterpieces (Don Carlo). Callas sang all of them on stage apart from Ernani, and Lady Macbeth proved a triumph for her when she opened the La Scala season in December 1952.

Gramophone greeted this recital by saying: ‘Mme Callas has seldom had such a field day and her dramatic instinct is well nigh perfect in interpreting these wonderful pages, each characterised convincingly – and differently.’

Audio sample & Tracklisting

Disc 1 
01 Verdi: Macbeth, Act 1: "Nel dì della vittoria ....Vienil t'affretta" (Lady Macbeth, Chorus)  - Maria Callas, Philharmonia Chorus, Philharmonia Orchestra, Nicola Rescigno 
02 Verdi: Macbeth, Act 2: "La luce langue" (Lady Macbeth)  - Maria Callas 
03 Verdi: Macbeth, Act 4: "Una macchia è qui tuttora" (Lady Macbeth, Doctor, Woman)  - Maria Callas, Dario Caselli, Angela Vercelli, Philharmonia Orchestra, Nicola Rescigno 
04 Verdi: Nabucco, Act 2: "Ben io t'invenni ... Anch'io dischiuso un giorno" (Abigaille)  - Maria Callas, Philharmonia Orchestra, Nicola Rescigno 
05 Verdi: Ernani, Act 1: "Surta è la notte .... Ernani! Ernani, involami" (Elvira)  - Maria Callas, Philharmonia Orchestra, Nicola Rescigno 
06 Verdi: Don Carlo, Act 5: "Tu che le vanità" (Élisabeth)  - Maria Callas, Philharmonia Orchestra, Nicola Rescigno 

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