Damrau, Diana

Meyerbeer: Grand Opera

5 May 2017

Barcode: 0190295848996

Other participants: Emmanuel Villaume, Orchestre et Choeur de l'Opéra National de Lyon

Giacomo Meyerbeer, the master of Parisian grand opera, was hugely successful in his time and a major influence on Verdi and Wagner. His music has fascinated Diana Damrau since her student days. With her brilliant coloratura, lyricism and dramatic power, the soprano rises triumphantly to the vocal and expressive challenges of arias from 10 of his operas, singing in French, Italian and German. Two of the arias receive their world premiere recording with this album.

The idea of a Meyerbeer album has been close to Diana Damrau’s heart since she first recorded for Erato back in 2006. She became fascinated by the composer’s music as a student in Würzburg, when she was invited to perform his cantata Gli amori di Teolinda. “I immersed myself in Meyerbeer’s world,” she explains, “and was excited by his multifaceted writing for the voice, by his orchestral colours, his theatrical instincts, the powerful and varied way in which he expresses emotion, his splendid melodies and, last but not least, his ability to capture precisely the right ‘national style’. If you compare his Italian, German and French works, it is like listening to three different composers.”

'Damrau's singing throughout her recital is nothing short of spectacular...with flawless coloratura.'Opera magazine.

Audio sample & Tracklisting

Disc 1 
01 Meyerbeer: Le Prophète, Act 1: "Mon coeur s'élance et palpite" (Berthe)  - Diana Damrau 
02 Meyerbeer: Robert le Diable, Act 4: "Robert, toi que j'aime" (Isabelle, Robert)  - Diana Damrau 
03 Meyerbeer: Alimelek, oder die beiden Kalifen, Act 1: "Nur in der Dämm'rung Stille" (Irene)  - Diana Damrau 
04 Meyerbeer: L'Étoile du Nord, Act 3: "Ah, mon Dieu !... C'est bien l'air que chaque matin" (Catherine, Chorus)  - Diana Damrau 
05 Meyerbeer: L'Africaine, Act 5: "Là-bas, sous l'arbre noir... Fleurs nouvelles" (Inès)  - Diana Damrau 
06 Meyerbeer: Il Crociato in Egitto, Act 2: "D'una madre disperata... Con qual gioia" (Palmide, Aladino, Chorus)  - Diana Damrau 
07 Meyerbeer: Le Pardon de Ploërmel, Act 2: "Comme cette nuit est lente à se dissiper !... Ombre légère" (Dinorah)  - Diana Damrau 
08 Meyerbeer: Les Huguenots, Act 1: "Nobles seigneurs, salut !" (Urbain)  - Diana Damrau 
09 Meyerbeer: Emma di Resburgo, Act 1: "Sulla rupe triste, sola... Ah questo bacio " (Emma, Chorus)  - Diana Damrau 
10 Meyerbeer: Les Huguenots, Act 2: "Ô beau pays de la Touraine" (Marguerite, Urbain, Coryphée, Dame d'honneur, Chorus)  - Diana Damrau 
11 Meyerbeer: L'Africaine, Act 1: "Anna, qu'entends-je ?... Adieu, mon doux rivage" (Inès, Anna)  - Diana Damrau 

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