Quatuor Ebene

Eternal Stories

5 May 2017

Barcode: 0190295839567

Other participants: Michel Portal, Xavier Tribolet,
Richard Hery

The New York Times has described the French ensemble as “a string quartet that can easily morph into a jazz band” and its recordings of Haydn, Bartók, Brahms and Schubert have been praised all over the world. Portal and the Ébène first played together in Paris in 2013, where Piazzolla’s compositions were also on the programme, prompting Le Monde to speak of “a significant lesson, a superb encounter, a real conversation.”

Eternal Stories might just turn out to be one of the best albums that Portal has ever recorded. He could well have been thinking of his beloved Charlie Parker, who in 1949 realised his dream of making a recording with a string section. Eternal Stories is not some kind of attempt at a remake, but comprises completely new pieces and two new arrangements of classic Portal numbers, a late work by Piazzolla and astonishing contributions from members of Quatuor Ébène itself.

Audio sample & Tracklisting

Disc 1 
01 Colombet: City Birds  - Quatuor Ébène 
02 Portal: L'Abandonite  - Quatuor Ébène 
03 Judy Garland  - Quatuor Ébène 
04 Tribolet: Élucubration  - Quatuor Ébène 
05 Portal: Eternal Story  - Quatuor Ébène 
06 Piazzolla: 5 Tango Sensations: I. Asleep  - Quatuor Ébène 
07 Piazzolla: 5 Tango Sensations: II. Loving  - Quatuor Ébène 
08 Piazzolla: 5 Tango Sensations: III. Anxiety  - Quatuor Ébène 
09 Le Magadure: Plus l'Temps  - Quatuor Ébène 
10 Solitudes  - Quatuor Ébène 
11 Merlin: Le Corbillon  - Quatuor Ébène 
12 Boisseau: It was nice living here  - Quatuor Ébène 

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