September 25, 2018

Maria Callas website has been launched in Spanish

Launch of Spanish version of official Maria Callas website coincides with first dates of Callas in Concert Hologram Tour of Mexico and South America
Maria Callas Official

On September 25th Warner Classics launches the Spanish-language version of The official Maria Callas website first went live in English on December 2nd 2017, the legendary Greek-American soprano’s 94th birthday.

The launch coincides with the first dates of the Callas in Concert Hologram Tour of Mexico and South America. Created by BASE Hologram, the concert blends Warner Classics’ original recordings of Maria Callas’s voice with a live orchestra. Ending in Chile, the tour will visit Mexico, Brazil and Argentina – three countries that hosted important operatic appearances by Callas between 1949 and 1952. She did not sing in Spain until 1959, when she gave concerts in Madrid and Barcelona.

The official Maria Callas website is conceived both to reflect her status as a figure of major cultural importance and to encourage discovery of her life and her art. The administrators of the soprano’s estate have given their blessing to the project. Designed and built by Milan-based agency Uprising™, the site is timeless and elegant in design and its unique interactive offering can be experienced to full effect on Mac, PC, smartphone and tablet. is divided into four main sections: Life, Look, Voice and Today – in other words, biographical material (including animated illustrations with a voiceover telling her life story), photos and videos, discography and the latest news. Callas makes her presence felt on the homepage through an audio-reactive music visualizer, specially created to produce a visual analogue for Callas’ utterly distinctive voice – the essence of her being. The website also links to the official Maria Callas Playlist, to be found on DSPs such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Melon.

In its first nine months of existence has excited considerable international interest, generating more than 80,000 user sessions and winning three awards: the Favourite Website Award, the CSS Design Award for Website of the Day and the AWWWARD Site of the Day. Over 50% of the visits have been made by people aged between 25 and 34, and 22% by people aged between 18 and 24. These figures confirm that, notably through digital media, Maria Callas continues to exercise her magic – as much on the younger generation as on music-lovers born during her lifetime. Her global reach is indicated by the large volume of visitors from China and India.

It is 41 years since Maria Callas died, aged just 53, in September 1977, but she remains an icon: as a supreme singing-actress and as a stylish and glamorous celebrity. Known as La Divina, Callas is still the epitome of the operatic diva for aficionados and the wider public, and today’s opera singers cite her time and again as an inspiration and influence. Having changed the face of her chosen art form, helping to shape its history, she has been the subject of plays and films and generates many millions of views on YouTube.

For decades, Callas has retained her place among the world’s top-selling classical artists. Warner Classics, as the official custodians of her recorded legacy, have in recent years issued two major editions of her recordings, enhancing the listener’s experience through discerning use of the latest audio technology: CALLAS REMASTERED: The Complete Studio Recordings (69 CDs) and Callas: Live (42 CDs). Hailed as revelatory, they have gone on to sell thirty thousands of copies.