September 22, 2014

Classic FM presents Maria Callas photo gallery: 20 classic and surprising images

To celebrate the release of the Callas Remastered Edition today, a photographic tribute to the iconic diva.

With the long-awaited arrival of the Maria Callas Remastered Edition in stores today, Classic FM is celebrating the life and legacy of the greatest diva of all time.

Click to view the Classic FM Maria Callas Photo Gallery: twenty archival images of the legendary soprano, from her first triumphs (a candid moment, before her drastic weightloss, applying lipstick backstage at Covent Garden) through to her transition into a style icon, furs and all.

The Maria Callas Remastered Edition of her complete studio recordings is out now, along with Pure, a single-disc collection of her greatest arias drawn from the groundbreaking remastered set.