Sinfonia Iuventus

Weinberg, Prokofiev - Fifth Symphonies

1 Sep 2017

Barcode: 0190295812713

Other participants: Gabriel Chmura, Polska Orkiestra Sinfonia Iuventus

The virtuosity and contagious energy of the young generation of musicians; precision meets pure emotion.

The Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra’s debut album for Warner Classics brings together two Fifth Symphonies, both written in dangerous times under Soviet oppression.

Prokofiev and the Polish-born Weinberg experienced both the authorities’ favour and persecution. Their works reflect the concessions they made to the oppressive doctrine, but also their (mostly allusive) opposition to that doctrine. History has given them justice, and the true beauty of their music has stood the test of time. Liberated from the ideological context of those dark times, their works continue to delight audiences around the world. While Prokofiev’s fame has been well established for decades, the music of Mieczysław Weinberg (widely regarded as the third great Soviet composer alongside his close friend Shostakovich, and Prokofiev) has only recently experienced a renaissance – especially in the composer’s native Poland, which he always considered his home.

The Orchestra is a veritable geyser of energy – a robust sound imbued with youthful power combined with intensive emotions and lightness of phrase. The programme of the album consists of two 5th Symphonies – in F Minor Op. 76 by Mieczysław Weinberg and in B-Flat Minor Op. 100 by Sergey Prokofiev.