Aurora Orchestra


31 Jul 2015

Barcode: 0825646082230

Composer: Couperin, Ligeti, Gurney
Other participants: Allan Clayton, Nicholas Collon

While its name evokes the dawn, the Aurora Orchestra has chosen to devote its second Warner Classics release to an exploration of a troubled night – its thoughts and dreams and the hazy space between waking and sleeping. Britten’s Nocturne – with tenor Allan Clayton – and Brett Dean’s Pastoral Symphony are juxtaposed with music by Couperin, Ligeti, Gurney, The Beatles and R.E.M. The Aurora Orchestra, founded in London in 2005, enjoys a reputation for innovation and imagination as well as virtuosity. Under its Principal Conductor Nicholas Collon it introduced the Insomnia concept at concerts in the UK in 2013.

It seems that, with the Aurora Orchestra and Insomnia, listeners can look forward to some surprisingly enjoyable sleepless nights ...

"Barely ten years old, the Aurora Orchestra — and more particularly its bold, eclectic programming — has put a tiger in the tank of London music-making. This riveting album shows how." -The Times

“It is worth staying awake for this eclectic programme on the theme of night, if only to hear which musical frontier it will cross next.” -The Financial Times

Audio sample & Tracklisting

Disc 1 
11 Lennon / McCartney: Blackbird  - Aurora Orchestra 

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