Malikian, Ara

El Viaje de un Violin

9 Nov 2018

Barcode: 0190295535827

Other participants: Serouj Kradjian, Miguel Rodrigañez, Jorge Tejerino, Fabián Carbone, Fernando Egozcue, Moisés Sánchez, Borja Barrueta

Considered one of the most charismatic and passionate violinists of the current music scene, Ara Malikin has just turned 50 years. El Viaje de un violin,/i> (A Violin’s Journey) is a thrilling voyage through his best recordings of the early years, between 2002 and 2007. This collection is a pleasant ride across different genres and styles that shape the mysterious and rich personality of this unique performer.

An inexhaustible musical and human inquisitiveness have made Ara Malikian delve into his own Armenian roots and assimilate the music created in other cultures from Middle East (Arabic and Jewish), Central Europe (Gypsy and Klutzier), Argentina (Tango) and Spain (Flamenco), always showing a great own language with the virtuosity and expressivity of the great classic European tradition.

His quality and level as a violinist has been recognized in numerous world-class contests, highlights included as the prizes won at international contests like Felix Mendelssohn (1987, Berlín, Alemania) or Pablo Sarasota (1995, Pamplona, Spain). He also won several awards in different contests such as Niccolo Paganini (Genoa), Zino Francescatti (Marseille), Rodolfo Lipizer (Glorizia), Musical Youth (Belgrade), Rameau (Le Mans), International Artist Guild (New York) and the International Music Competition of Japan (Tokyo). In 1993, he received the Artistic Compliance and Dedication Award, given by the German Ministry of Culture. He has also been given the “Best Musical Composition in Scene Spectacle MAX Award for Performing Arts “ (La Lucha Libre Vuelve al Price, 2011) and has been twice award-winning at Music Awards in the category of New Musics Best Album (De la felicidad, 2006) and Best Classical Music Performer (Ínsula Poética, 2007).