Lim, HJ

Ravel & Scriabin

Compact Disc
3 Feb 2014

Barcode: 5099991450920

Composer: Maurice Ravel & Alexander Scriabin
Other participants: HJ Lim, Maurice Ravel, Alexander Scriabin

HJ Lim - Ravel & Scriabin Track List (PDF, 0.24 MB)

Charismatic, engaging and adventurous, pianist HJ Lim captivates her audience with style, intensity and a natural flair for the theatrical whilst playing and interpreting piano repertoire with genuine brilliance. This new CD is mostly made up of Scriabin sonatas (Nos 4 & 5) and Ravel waltzes (La Valse and the Valses nobles et sentimentales). Complimenting these - a Scriabin waltz (Waltz in Ab major) and a “small sonata” by Ravel (Sonatine). The repertoire therefore comes full circle, with the waltzes of Ravel with his sonatine - and Scriabin’s sonatas with his waltz - forming a solid union. These extra works also both bring fresh inspiration and a lightness to counter-balance the dark and mystical universe of the Ravel Valses and Scriabin 5th Sonata. In addition to all this – 2 poems by Scriabin, which make a lovely transition from his delightful and charming Waltz in Ab to the more shadowy and dark La Valse by Ravel.

1-8) Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales 16’
i. Modéré
ii. Assez Lent
iii. Modéré
iv. Assez Animé
v. Presque lent
vi. Assez vif
vii. Moins vif
viii. Epilogue: Lent

9-10) Scriabin: Piano Sonata No.4 in F# major Opus 30 9’
i. Andante
ii. Prestissimo volando

11) Scriabin: Piano Sonata No.5 Opus 53 12’
Allegro. Impetuoso. Con stravaganza

12-14) Ravel: Sonatine 9’
i. Modéré
ii. Mouvement de menuet
iii. Animé

15) Scriabin: Waltz in Ab major Opus 38 6'

16-17) Scriabin: 2 Poems Opus 32 5’
No.1 in F# major
No.2 in D major

18) Ravel: La valse 10’

HJ Lim, piano