Cologne Collection

Braunfels: Verkündigung op. 50, The Annunciation

3 Feb 2014

Barcode: 5054196055325

Composer: Walter Braunfels
Other participants: Siegmund Nimsgern, Claudia Rüggeberg, Andrea Trauboth, Chieko Shirasaka-Teratani, John Bröcheler, Christer Bladin, Christian Brüggemann, Akemi Kajiyama, Stefan Sevenich, Barbara Dommer, Chor des Kölner Sinfonieorchesters, Kölner Sinfonieorchester, Dennis

I wanted "to create a musical mystery that reveals the utmost beauty and eternal order" – thus Walter Braunfels about his motivation for writing Die Verkündigung (The Annunciation) between 1934 and 1937. The composer had found the ideal source material in Paul Claudel's touching poem L’Annonce faite à Marie, which gave him new hope after the Nazis had seized power, causing him deep humiliation, in response to which he withdrew within himself. With its mystical atmosphere, its hymnal choruses and the colourful orchestral sound, Die Verkündigung is one of the composer's most important mature works.