Tharaud, Alexandre

Alexandre Tharaud plays Scarlatti

7 Mar 2011

Barcode: 5099964201627

Composer: Domenico Scarlatti

“I love the extravagance, the sunny glow, the light touch of Scarlatti,” says French pianist Alexandre Tharaud, whose second Erato release is a collection of the composer’s captivating and adventurous keyboard sonatas. His first release, the Chopin recital Journal intime was described by The Guardian as “altogether breathtakingly beautiful”.

“Listening to Mr. Tharaud's crisply articulated and vividly etched playing, a listener might guess that he is a Baroque specialist who, for some reason, prefers the modern piano to the harpsichord. But… Baroque music is only one of his interests,” wrote The New York Times in 2005.

“I love the extravagance, the sunny glow, the light touch of Scarlatti, who shares with Chopin a precise sense for ornamentation, a culture of beauty in sound and an intimate rapport with the audience,” Tharaud says.

Audio sample & Tracklisting

Disc 1 
01 Sonata in F minor, Kk.239  - Alexandre Tharaud 
02 Sonata in A Major, Kk.208  - Alexandre Tharaud 
03 Sonata in C Major, Kk.72  - Alexandre Tharaud 
04 Sonata in G Minor, Kk.8  - Alexandre Tharaud 
05 Sonata in D Major, Kk.29  - Alexandre Tharaud 
06 Sonata in C Major, Kk.132  - Alexandre Tharaud 
07 Sonata in D Major, Kk.430  - Alexandre Tharaud 
08 Sonata in C Major, Kk.20  - Alexandre Tharaud 
09 Sonata in F Minor, Kk.481  - Alexandre Tharaud 
10 Sonata in C Major, Kk.514  - Alexandre Tharaud 
11 Sonata in D Minor, Kk.64  - Alexandre Tharaud 
12 Sonata in D Minor, Kk.32  - Alexandre Tharaud 
13 Sonata in D Minor, Kk.141  - Alexandre Tharaud 
14 Sonata in B Flat Major, Kk.472  - Alexandre Tharaud 
15 Sonata in A Minor, Kk.3  - Alexandre Tharaud 
16 Sonata in E Major, Kk.380  - Alexandre Tharaud 
17 Sonata in G Major, Kk.431  - Alexandre Tharaud 
18 Sonata in D Minor, Kk.9  - Alexandre Tharaud 

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