April 21, 2017

Composer-pianist RIOPY signs to Warner Classics

The enigmatic London-based musician releases first single, 'I love you'.

Warner Classics has signed an exclusive recording contract with London-based composer-pianist RIOPY.

Born in the French countryside and largely self-taught, RIOPY (Jean-Philippe Rio-Py) has been named a Young Steinway Artist in recognition of his rhythmically driven, freely expressive approach to performing his own compositions, which have been featured in trailers to films including The Danish Girl and The Sense of an Ending, and can be heard in documentaries broadcast on UK networks BBC, ITV and Channel 4, and in advertising campaigns for Ikea, Armani, Samsung and more.

In May 2017, he will perform two concerts at Milan’s prestigious Piano City festival, attended by hundreds of thousands of piano lovers annually and whose previous editions have included Michael Nyman and Stefano Bollani. 

RIOPY’s debut single for Warner Classics, to be released on Friday 21 April 2017, is I love you, an introspective yet rhapsodic meditation for solo piano. “I didn’t choose the title; the music chose it for me,” he explains. “It started with a minimalist succession of notes I was playing obsessively – ethereal, tiny, delicate patterns – plunging me into a simultaneous state of heightened focus and bliss.”

“The most beautiful things come from love, and this piece is a reminder; even after playing it a thousand times, I never get tired of it – as love is something that doesn’t just stop or grow static; it renews itself and evolves … I hope it touches the souls of listeners as it still touches mine. Please share it with someone you love.”

Jean-Philippe Roland, Executive Vice-President International A&R and Business Development of Warner Classics & Erato, said: “With his instinctive, inspired and deeply personal music-making, RIOPY speaks a universal language; simple yet sophisticated, reconciling the irreconcilable. Each composition is like a short film. He brings a new colour and a distinctive voice to the Warner Classics family.”

RIOPY added: “For me, music is not just a passion; it’s a need. Warner Classics understands and nourishes this need to create and share music and I’m thrilled to embark on this journey with the label.”

RIOPY’s first single and Warner Classics debut, I love you, will be released for download and streaming on Friday 21 April.