Hampson, Thomas

Thomas Hampson: A Portrait

1 Aug 2014

Barcode: 0825646256570

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi, Gioachino Rossini, Jules Massenet, Giacomo Meyerbeer

American singer Thomas Hampson had already embarked on a law degree when he found his true vocation: in 1981 he came to Europe, and was soon causing a stir in Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s legendary Zurich Mozart cycle. Since then, the likeable baritone has belonged to the world’s top rank of opera and Lieder singers, and has also made a name for himself as a Broadway star. Hampson's velvety, virile voice never merely revels in beautiful sound: it expresses genuine feeling at all times.

Audio sample & Tracklisting

Disc 1 
Hérodiade, Act II: Ce breuvage ...Vision fugitive  - Thomas Hampson 
01 Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Act I: Largo al factotum  - Thomas Hampson 
02 Faust, Act II: Ô sainte médaille ... Avant de quitter  - Thomas Hampson 
04 Les Pêcheurs de Perles, Act I: C'est toi....Au fond du temple saint  - Thomas Hampson 
05 Hamlet, Act V: La fatigue alourdit mes pas...Comme une pâle fleur  - Thomas Hampson 
06 Don Carlos, Act I: Ecoute!...Dieu, tu semas dans nos âmes  - Thomas Hampson 
07 Don Carlos, Act IV: C'est mon jour suprême  - Thomas Hampson 
08 Le Trouvère, Act II: Tout est désert....Son regard  - Thomas Hampson 
09 Macbeth, Act III: Ove son io? ... Vada in flamme  - Thomas Hampson 
10 Macbeth, Act IV: Perfidi! All'anglo contro me ... Pietà, rispetto, amore  - Thomas Hampson 
11 La Traviata, Act II: Di Provenza il mar suol  - Thomas Hampson 
12 Falstaff, Act II: E sogno? O realtà?  - Thomas Hampson 
13 Komm! di schönes Fischermädchen  - Thomas Hampson 
14 Der Garten des Herzens  - Thomas Hampson 
15 Lied des venezianischen Gondoliers  - Thomas Hampson 
16 Le Lazzarone  - Thomas Hampson 
17 L'ultimo ricordo  - Thomas Hampson 

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