Michel-Marie, Pere

Bonjour la vie!

24 Mar 2017

Barcode: 0190295866099

Bonjour la Vie! is an album of 13 songs in the lively and poetic tradition of the French chanson, performed and written by Père Michel-Marie.

Well-known in France as an orator, preacher and writer – Père Michel-Marie is a Catholic priest who has an unusual history: he used to be a cabaret performer. Now, with ‘Bonjour la Vie’ he brings his joie de vivre to songs that convey a message of spiritual, humane optimism. His approach is warm, down-to-earth and often humorous, reminiscent of such legends of French popular culture as Charles Trenet and Yves Montand.

Michel-Marie was just eight years old when he first experienced the calling to become a priest. After studying history at Nice University he did not, however, join a seminary. Instead he took to the cabaret stage, mainly in Paris, making a performing career for a number of years. Having gained this experience of a different life, he decided to fulfil his vocation in the Catholic church. He studied in Toulouse and Rome and spent time in both Franciscan and Dominican orders, including a period training future priests in Romania. He himself was consecrated as a priest in 1999, when he was 40, and he went on to spend 17 years in a parish in Marseille, where he had a transformative influence on the local community.

Père Michel-Marie reaches a wide public with his thoughts, his preaching and, now, his songs. He has produced 15 books, writes widely for the media and attracts large congregations – in 2016, 4000 people flocked to Paris’s famous Church of St Sulpice to hear him speak.


Disc 1 
01 Père Michel-Marie: Par-ci, par-là  - Père Michel-Marie 
02 Père Michel-Marie: Notre besoin d'aimer  - Père Michel-Marie 
03 Père Michel-Marie: La promenade de la vie  - Père Michel-Marie 
04 Père Michel-Marie: Mon vieux copain  - Père Michel-Marie 
05 Père Michel-Marie: A mort la mort  - Père Michel-Marie 
06 Père Michel-Marie: La marche des mécontents  - Père Michel-Marie 
07 Père Michel-Marie: Le miracle de l'amour  - Père Michel-Marie 
08 Père Michel-Marie: Mais si demain  - Père Michel-Marie 
09 Père Michel-Marie: Tradition  - Père Michel-Marie 
10 Père Michel-Marie: La valse de l'amour  - Père Michel-Marie 
11 Père Michel-Marie: Je veux mourir poète  - Père Michel-Marie 
12 Père Michel-Marie: Marie  - Père Michel-Marie 
13 Père Michel-Marie: Au revoir - Bye bye!  - Père Michel-Marie 

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