Glyndebourne Festival Opera

Albert Herring

8 Aug 2005

Barcode: 5050467879027

Composer: Benjamin Britten
Other participants: Patricia Johnson, Alan Opie, Felicity Palmer, Jean Rigby, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Glyndebourne Chorus

Benjamin Britten's comic opera which is gently laced with moments of face, is a jocular parody on life in East Suffolk at the turn of the 20th century. It is a quaint, nostalgic journey to a bygone England and the journey has come full circle back to Glyndebourne where this piece was premiered in 1947. The ensuing antics are brilliantly characterised by a strong British cast in this production, which is infused with freshness and limitless charm.


Disc 1 
01 Albert Herring [Glyndebourne]  - Glyndebourne Festival Opera 
01 Britten : Albert Herring Act 1  - Glyndebourne Festival Opera 
02 Britten : Albert Herring Act 2  - Glyndebourne Festival Opera 
03 Britten : Albert Herring Act 3  - Glyndebourne Festival Opera 

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