Mozart: Piano Concertos nos. 13, 14 & 23

18 May 2018

Barcode: 0190295666996

Other participants: Maria-João Pires, Theodor Guschlbauer, Orchestre de la Fondation Gulbenkian de Lisbonne

Glistening pearls of classical music: Mozart's brilliant Piano Concerto no. 13, written for concert performances in Vienna with the aim of enchanting audiences with its beauty; the more demanding Piano Concerto no. 14, initially thought by the composer to be too difficult for the ears of "his circles"; and the famous Piano Concerto no. 23, the ne plus ultra of the classical piano concerto: all were formative for their genre and point ahead to the great concertos of Beethoven and the Romantics. Here are three works from different periods in Mozart's career, each capable in its own way of thrilling listeners today.