Artist Portrait

Sojourn - The Very Best of Xuefei Yang

18 Nov 2013

Barcode: 0825646366217

When I was a little girl, I dreamed about becoming a concert guitarist and recording music – but my life is beyond my wildest dreams. This album presents a wide range of my playing, from popular to classical, miniatures to masterworks, as well as recordings of Chinese music, Bach transcriptions, and a new concerto commissioned especially for me.

A recording is a musical snapshot that captures scenes from my musical journey through life. Sojourn represents a brief resting-place in that journey, where I reflect on some of the most beautiful moments so far, before heading on to explore new lands. Whenever you re-visit a place, you see it with fresh eyes and discover new things alongside the familiar. Sojourn is that same combination of the familiar, plus some new surprises. It also tells a story of my musical evolution. My musical voice has evolved alongside my life, and continues to do so. The one constant on my journey is that I play music from my heart.

As a musician, the most rewarding thing is when the listener is touched by my music. So thank you for listening to my music. I wish Sojourn brings you joy.
Xuefei Yang