Tango Pasión - A film about Tango in Berlin

11 Mar 2016

Barcode: 0880242615084

Other participants: Kordula Hildebrandt

Tango Pasión is a passionate documentary about the famous Tango Argentino - in Berlin, which is home to the largest tango scene outside of Argentina. The film shows artists and dancers who have had huge influence on the 'Tango Pasión' over the years, and who have gained worldwide recognition for it.

Throughout the entire documentary, the passion and emotion that come with this famous dance are almost tangible. The film features interviews with famous and renowned protagonists of the Berlin tango scene. And of course, there is dancing - tango in various settings and recorded from various perspectives.

Repertoire: Featuring music by Klaus Gutjahr, Judith Brandenburg, Paco Liana, Rainer Volkenborn, MonaKa Berlin, bassa, Julia Heller, Pablo Woizinski, Fernando Miceli, Mitsch Kohn and Flutterband Trio - and of course by Astor Piazzolla.