Tango Passion

1 Aug 2014

Barcode: 0825646256785

Passion in dance: The history of the Tango Argentino began at the Río de la Plata: here, in Argentina and Uruguay, a wide variety of peoples came together at the end of the 19th century, and the melting pot of the different cultures gave birth to a dance that stands for devotion and passion like no other. The tango then went on to conquer all of Europe in the 1930's. Astor Piazzolla's sophisticated and highly expressive Tango Nuevo compositions triggered a new worldwide interest in the tango in the 1970's – a fascination that has continued to this day.

Audio sample & Tracklisting

Disc 1 
01 Adiós Nonino [Farewell, Nonino]  - Ettore Stratta 
02 Caminito [Little path]  - Ettore Stratta 
03 Fuimos [We were]  - Ettore Stratta 
04 Astoreando  - Ettore Stratta 
05 El Choclo [The Corncob]  - Ettore Stratta 
06 El Día Que Me Quieras [The Day you Love me]  - Ettore Stratta 
07 Romance del Diablo - Romance of The Devil  - Tango for Four 
08 Buenos Aires Hora 0 [Buenas Aires Zero Hour]  - Tango for Four 
09 La Cumparsita [The Little Parade]  - Ettore Stratta 
10 Milonga en el Viento [Milonga in the Wind]  - Ettore Stratta 
11 Cafetín de Buenos Aires [Buenos Aires Café]  - Ettore Stratta 
12 Oblivion  - Ettore Stratta 
13 Otono Porteño  - Tango for Four 
14 Uno [One]  - Ettore Stratta 
15 Inspiración [Inspiration]  - Ettore Stratta 

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