Debussy, Claude

Debussy - Centenary Discoveries

27 Apr 2018

Barcode: 0190296915192

Other participants: Natalie Pérez, Cyrille Dubois, Philippe Estèphe, Jean-Christophe Lanièce, Sabine Revault d'Allonnes, Jonathan Fournel, Thibault Lenaerts, Olivier Chauzu, Jean-Pierre Armengaud, Philippe Cassard, Ensemble Les Essenti'elles, Chœur de chambre de Namur

Debussy Centenary Discoveries offers new insights into a captivating, inventive and influential musical genius. Each recording on these 3-CDs is in some way a first: Chanson des brises and Diane aux bois make their debut appearance in any form; the unfinished opera La Chute de la Maison Usher is heard just as Debussy left it; the Chansons de Charles d'Orléans appear in their original version, while Debussy's transcriptions of his own Jeux and Khamma, and of works by Schumann, Raff and Saint-Saëns, are also new to the catalogue. Pianists Philippe Cassard and Jean-Pierre Armengaud are among the musicians who lead this fascinating voyage of discovery.