April 28, 2017

Quatuor Arod signs exclusive recording contract with Erato

Debut album from this young French ensemble will be devoted to Mendelssohn and released late 2017.

Quatuor Arod, one of the leading lights of the young generation of string quartets, has signed to Erato. Founded in 2013, with all four members in their early twenties, the Paris-based ensemble has already captivated chamber music lovers in concerts at such prestigious venues as the Auditorium of the Louvre in Paris and the Verbier Festival in Switzerland. They quickly came to international attention when they won the coveted First Prize of the 2016 ARD International Music Competition in Munich.

Jordan Victoria and Alexandre Vu (violin), Corentin Apparailly (viola) and Samy Rachid (cello) have been mentored by Erato label mates the Artemis Quartet and former Quatuor Ebène violist Mathieu Herzog. The Quatuor Arod’s debut album, slated for release late 2017, will be devoted to Mendelssohn. It includes the precocious composer’s String Quartet No.2 in A Minor, Op.13, written in his teens as a tribute to Beethoven, to which Quatuor Arod has brought a youthful energy coupled with mature insight in concert performances.

The members of Quatuor Arod commented: “When we were little, there was this towering cupboard in the living room, a wooden armoire brimming with discs and mysterious artefacts which we approached with reverence. Once we began to explore its depths, it revealed musical treasures that have stayed with us ever since. The label Erato has had an essential place in our earliest musical discoveries, planting the seed that inspired us to devote our lives to music. We grew up with the music of Erato.

“Today, we have the great pleasure to realise our dream alongside such artists as Renaud and Gautier Capuçon, Nicholas Angelich, Sabine Devieilhe, Bertrand Chamayou, and of course the Artemis and Ebène quartets from whom we have learned so much. To think that we might one day join them on the shelf of that mysterious wooden cupboard and inspire another budding young musician is the greatest honour we can imagine.”

Alain Lanceron, President of Warner Classics & Erato, added: “I’ve always thought of Erato’s artists as family. The Quatuor Arod are, in a way, descendants of the label’s two longstanding, prestigious string quartets, the Artemis and Ebène, with whom they studied and with whom they share the distinction of having won the redoubtable ARD International Music Competition in Munich. With such lineage, it seemed only natural that the Quatuor Arod would join the Erato family. These young players bring originality and vitality; their insatiable enthusiasm and already unique talent and sound are enthralling audiences in concert halls all over the world.”

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