March 18, 2016

This Easter, Harnoncourt's Passions will be felt more powerfully than ever

The late conductor and Baroque music pioneer left a rich legacy of Bach sacred music recordings for Easter time.

The late maestro Harnoncourt's quest for truth and beauty in music touched a wide range of repertoire, from Monteverdi to Bruckner and beyond. But there can be no question that the pioneering Austrian conductor made his mark, above all, in Bach.

Harnoncourt's recordings of Johann Sebastian Bach's sacred music will remain with us always, particularly at Easter time. Next month, on 15 April, Warner Classics will release a double album paying homage to Harnoncourt with some of the finest moments from his St Matthew and St John Passions, as well as the Mass in B Minor, the Magnificat, and the cantatas that he championed in his famed complete cycle. The epoch-defining recordings presented here were recorded between 1968 and 1995.

Nikolaus Harnoncourt: Bach Musica Sacra will be released on 15 April.