August 01, 2014

Maria Callas graces cover of BBC Music Magazine's next edition and CD

Hear the timeless diva remastered on the special CD that comes with your copy of the September issue.

The first notes you will hear are sung by Callas' sublime, sultry Carmen, all remastered to bring you that immortal voice in greater clarity and depth than you've ever heard it. Test the Maria Callas Remastered Edition with five tracks from 1955-61, made specially available through BBC Music Magazine.

Her soaring Bellini 'Casta Diva' is among the breathtaking offerings, as is 'Un bel dì vedremo' from Madama Butterfly, another of La Divina's greatest roles.

The September issue CD also includes tracks by Lucia Popp and Elisabeth Söderström as part of a feature exploring the lives and legacies of the three legendary sopranos.