August 03, 2016

Joyce DiDonato to wear not one but two new Vivienne Westwood gowns for new album

"I like working with opera singers because they are always very brave." (in Vogue magazine)

Joyce DiDonato's longtime friend and go-to designer, pioneering fashion legend Vivienne Westwood, has created not one but two stunning gowns for the opera star's forthcoming album, In War and Peace - Harmony Through Music.

These unique, elegant designs, inspired by the theme of the album, will be revealed on the album cover and artwork in November 2016, and will be proudly worn by DiDonato on the In War and Peace international concert tour in 2017.

Westwood has already dressed the American singer on the cover of the award-winning album Drama Queens (costume pictured), and for various concert and opera performances.

In an interview for Vogue magazine this week, Westwood's husband and co-designer Andreas Kronthaler said: "I like working with opera singers because they are always very brave - they understand the importance of clothes because it is part of their role and character.

"They are not so conservative as some actors and actresses on the red carpet can be. Opera singers are sometimes as brave in real life as the heroines that they portray. Renée Fleming and Joyce DiDonato are women who adore clothes and they can wear the most outrageous things with ease."

Vivienne Westwood's exquisite dresses for Joyce DiDonato's In War and Peace will be revealed in the coming months, ahead of the album's release 4 November.