August 19, 2014

Want to sing at Carnegie Hall? Joyce DiDonato tells you how

The star mezzo’s tips on how to succeed: why not test them out and audition for her masterclass?

Joyce wants you to be great. And she wants you to learn from her own spectacular journey to the top. With her new album Stella di Napoli (Star of Naples) due out early September, and her Carnegie Hall residency ramping up, Joyce is sharing her trade secrets to help you become a star, inviting hopefuls from around the world to vie for one of four places in her master classes held at the famed venue next year and streamed live online.

It would be hard to find a more encouraging and enthusiastic judge, but competition will be stiff, and applications close October 15. Here are her Top 5 Tips for aspiring singers going into grueling auditions. Good luck!

  1. It needs to beexceptionally well prepared. Great language, great fraseggio (phrasing), great musicality, great presentation.

  2. Make it look like you’re ready to take the stage anywhere in the world. It should look like you put some time and effort into it. Make it look classy – that includes correct spelling! You want to present yourself as someone who’s serious about this business; someone to be listened to

  3. We don’t need to see an imitation. (Unless you’re Kimchilia Bartoli.) Learn from your idols and try to assimilate things that you like about them. Know who you are – usually a lifetime’s work-in-progress! Walk into that room as yourself and then become Tosca, Violetta, Scarpia... whoever.

  4. Walk in knowing that the audition panel is on your side and they’re rooting for you to be brilliant – and then be brilliant. That doesn’t happen in the audition; that happens in the months and years of preparation before it. (But when you’re having one of those stumbling moments, know you’ll be having one of your greatest learning experiences. That’s where the gold happens, so be patient with yourself.)

  5. Sing what you sing better than anyone else and the things that you love. And when you’re in that audition, remember why you love to do it. You’ll be fabulous.