April 23, 2013

Ian Bostridge's new album: Britten Songs

«My love for Britten goes way back to when I was seven. He wrote a lot of wonderful music for children,“ Bostridge says.

"I was a rat in Noye’s Fludde. … and then I did The Golden Vanity at school and A Ceremony of Carols. I did a lot of Britten as a child and it was in my blood. Then I left it when I was in my 20s. I discovered the songs because I came across an LP of The Holy Sonnets of John Donne in my local record library and I was completely blown away by them. That is when I discovered that Britten was a great lieder writer. … I have sung these songs for a long time. These are songs that are in my repertoire that I have recorded for the first time."

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