February 10, 2014

HJ Lim - Ravel & Scriabin out now

Charismatic, engaging and adventurous, pianist HJ Lim captivates her audience with style, intensity and a natural flair theatrical whilst playing and interpreting piano repertoire with genuine brilliance.

This new album is mostly made up of Scriabin sonatas (Nos 4 & 5) and Ravel waltzes (La Valse and the Valses nobles et sentimentales). Complimenting these - a Scriabin waltz (Waltz in Ab major) and a “small sonata” by Ravel (Sonatine). The repertoire therefore comes full circle, with the waltzes of Ravel with his sonatine - and Scriabin’s sonatas with his waltz - forming a solid union. These extra works also both bring fresh inspiration and a lightness to counter-balance the dark and mystical universe of the Ravel Valses and Scriabin 5th Sonata. In addition to all this – 2 poems by Scriabin, which make a lovely transition from his delightful and charming Waltz in Ab to the more shadowy and dark La Valse by Ravel.

Her last video of Moonlight Sonata had over 55,000 views on youtube and you can see the trailer for her new album here

Find out more information about HJ Lim and the new album here