February 12, 2013

A musical Odyssey : Mediterraneo

Christina Pluhar and l’Arpeggiata invite us for an unforgettable travel in the cradle of sunshine with Mediterraneo. To be released on March 4th.
After the so successful album Los Pajaros Perdidos, an expedition at the heart of latin american folklore, Christina Pluhar releases her fifth album with l’Arpeggiata. Mediterraneo combines many different styles as fado, fadango, tarantella ; it is an immersion into the authentic pattern of our latin origins.

The journey goes through Portugal, Catalonia, Italy and Greece. Each singer represents his culture : the Fado queen Misia sings the Portuguese program, the diva Nuria Rial stands for Catalonia, Andueza Raquez embodies Spain, and Vincenzo and Katerina Papadopoulou represent Italy and Greece.

This unique recording is an invitation to a cruise along the Mediterranean coasts. It is a captivating dialogue between traditional plucked instruments and the Baroque strings of l’Arpeggiata.