December 03, 2015

Camille Berthollet's debut album achieves Gold status in France

Just 16 years old, and after barely six weeks in the charts, this violin/cello prodigy has her first gold record.

Camille Berthollet shot to stardom in her native France just before New Year's celebrations of 2014-15. The then 15-year-old violinist/cellist was crowned winner of the young classical talent quest Prodiges, produced by Shine France and aired on France 2. With her high-energy performance of 'Summer' from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, the flame-haired teen captivated a television audience of four million viewers on France2, along with competition judges including the internationally renowned cellist Gautier Capuçon.

Almost a year later, Camille's debut album on Warner Classics, released in October 2015, has already reached Gold status in France with more than 50,000 copies sold in a few short weeks. Prodiges features Capuçon in duet with Camille (a soulful Piazzolla Oblivion), as well as her older sister and fellow violinist Julie Berthollet.

"Recording my debut album at the age of sixteen is an out-of-the-ordinary experience, the stuff of dreams," says Camille. "The Prodiges verdict hasn't changed my life but it has opened wonderful doors to me, the most marvellous one being contacted by the president of Warner Classics. They gave me the opportunity to record my first album and choose my ideal programme. I also had the great fortune to meet Gautier Capuçon and to play with him."

The secret to her success? Unlike many children who get swept up in the life of a professional musician from an early age, Camille has enjoyed a relatively normal childhood in the idyllic Rhone-Alpes region of France, surrounded by the musical support of her family. "I'm very lucky to always have my sister Julie with me, and naturally I wanted to record this album with her...we've been playing together since I started cello at the age of four. She is the violinist I can always lean on...We're lucky to have parents that always supported us and encouraged us in our choices."

And apart from her musical studies and busy press and concert schedule? "I love to read, go to the cinema or just go out with friends! I also enjoy swimming and shopping...And of course, going to concerts."

Camille Berthollet's album Prodiges is out now.